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Blonyx Beta Alanine

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BETA-Alanine is a clean and simple supplement that will increase muscular endurance during short to mid-range, high intensity training. It is ideal for athletes wanting to squeeze a few extra reps out of a 10+ rep set or a few more meters / calories from their short interval sprints.
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What is BETA-Alanine?


High intensity training causes a build-up of lactic acid in the muscle. This results in a burning sensation in the muscle, a loss of power and eventually fatigue.


In muscle cells, BETA-Alanine is combined with the amino acid histidine to create carnosine. Carnosine buffers lactic acid build-up slowing the onset of fatigue.

Making carnosine from BETA-Alanine


BETA-Alanine is a modified version of the amino acid alanine. It can be made in the liver and is then transported via the blood to the muscle cells for carnosine production


We need to top up the BETA-Alanine we make by getting it in the diet. BETA-Alanine is found in foods like meat and fish

blonyx beta alanine

Research shows that supplementing the diet with an additional 6g/day BETA-Alanine increases muscle carnosine levels resulting in an increase in muscular endurance from acid buffering (1)

Performance Improvements


BETA-Alanine enhances rowing performance at shorter distances (500-2000m) (2)


BETA-Alanine improves cycling capacity and sprint performance (3, 4, 5)


Taking BETA-Alanine extends time to exhaustion when training at high intensity for short bouts (up to 5 mins) (6, 7)


BETA-Alanine can increase power output when doing high intensity interval training like Airdyne sprints (7)


When doing strength based training, BETA-Alanine increases the volume of training (number of reps), an athlete is capable of achieving (8)


BETA-Alanine may also be an antioxidant and have other health benefits (9)

The Science


When training at high intensity, we rely on anaerobic metabolism to provide energy.
A byproduct of this is lactic acid which, if intensity is high enough, will build up in the muscle cells


It is widely thought that the pH changes caused by lactic acid build up causes muscle fatigue.
Increased carnosine levels in the muscle through BETA-Alanine supplementation therefore slows the onset of fatigue

BETA-Alanine is for:


CrossFit Games


Sprinters and runners




Soccer, hockey and
rugby players


Athletes who use interval training
as part of their routine

Quality Assurance


Supplement products can vary greatly in quality. To ensure BETA-Alanine is of the highest quality we only use GMP facilities and then test the final products to ensure they meet label claims and purity.


We are a Canadian company meaning we have to adhere to different manufacturing and testing requirements. Our manufacturing facility is registered with Health Canada ensuring that we meet these stringent requirements in terms of manufacturing and final product quality.


At Blonyx we take time to select and then fully test the ingredients we use in our products. We do this to ensure that simplicity and purity of our ingredients is the same used in the research studies we quote on this page.

lgc group

We regularly test our supplement products for banned substances in the same labs that run the Informed Choice certification (LGC). On top of this, Blonyx supplements are manufactured in a Texas based independent facility that holds GMP registration with both Informed Choice and NSF (for sport). This is our way of ensuring we produce the highest quality products while limiting the risk of contamination with banned substances.


Does BETA-Alanine have any side effects?
Yes, beta alanine is knows for causing "paresthesia" which is the mild stimulation of nerve endings in the skin. This causes a mild tingling or prickly heat feeling usually in the skin of the arms and face. Parasthesia is not harmful in any way and will subside quickly. With regular supplementation it also disappears altogether.

How should I take BETA-Alanine?
BETA-Alanine is a little like sugar. It is slightly sweet to taste and is granular. It dissolves very easily in just about any liquid and, because of its sweetness, is easy to mix with a little water for quick consumption.

What can I mix BETA-Alanine with?
BETA-Alanine does not interact with other supplement ingredients so you are safe to take it with any shake, capsule pill or other supplement you currently take. Please make sure you know if any other supplements you are taking already have beta alanine in them to ensure you aren't overdosing.

How long until I see the benefits of taking BETA-Alanine?
BETA-Alanine will increase muscle carnosine levels only with regular and continued use. Using BETA-Alanine daily will result in better performance in high intensity training of 1-5 mins duration after about 3 weeks.

Research References

1. Trexler et al. (2015): The official position paper of the International Society of Sports Nutrition on BETA-Alanine. BETA-Alanine is one of the few supplements considered to be both safe and effective by the society Read the research

2. Baguet et al. (2010): 7 weeks of BETA-Alanine supplementation improved 2,000m row time in trained rowers Read the research

3. Hill et al. (2007): 13 males improved their total work done on a cycling capacity test after 4-10 weeks of BETA-Alanine supplementation, vs. a placebo. Read the research

4. Sale et al. (2011): BETA-Alanine supplementation increased cycling capacity vs. placebo in 20 men. Read the research

5. Danaher et al. (2014): BETA-Alanine increased cycling work capacity after 6 weeks of supplementation. Read the research

6. Ghiasvand et al. (2012): BETA-Alanine increased time to exhaustion in endurance athletes doing an incremental cycling test. Read the research

7. Stout et al. (2006): BETA-Alanine prolonged time to exhaustion after 28 days of supplementation. Read the research

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9. Hipkiss et al. (2013): BETA-Alanine and carnosine have a number of potential health benefits in humans. Read the research