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A real food-based hydration drink mix focused on keeping you between 0-2% dehydrated when training (the range science shows is optimal for performance).

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Blonyx is a sports nutrition company with an unwavering commitment to science, performance, and your athletic ambition

We are committed to science

We don’t sell products based on demand or hype, we only develop products once there is enough published independent human research showing they improve performance and are safe to take.

We are committed to human performance

Our products are not for meat heads, those wanting 6 pack abs or for people willing to cut corners on what they put into their body, they’re for athletes who need quality and correct dosing to provide their body with what it needs to perform at it’s best.

We are committed to your athletic ambition

Blonyx is for people who are clear about their athletic ambition and have the grit, determination, and the heart to get there - #FORTHECOMMITTED

What is your training goal?

Perform Better At Your CrossFit® Gym

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Increase Strength & Power

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Increase Endurance

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Recover Faster

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Return from Injury Quicker

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Perform as a Masters Athlete

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A simpler strength supplement

Containing two of the most researched ingredients shown to increase strength when training

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A muscular endurance booster

Go a few extra reps, meters or minutes in your training or on the competition floor

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A recovery and repair aid

Recover faster, bounce back from injury quicker, and keep the muscle you have for longer

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