rowan minnion founder and ceo

Rowan Minnion

Founder / CEO

Highlights: Rowan spent far too long as a research scientist and now knows way too much about exercise physiology, supplementation and human performance. Lucky for us he channeled his nerdiness to found Blonyx... keeping him out of trouble.

For fun: Snowboards and mountain bikes the most extreme terrain imaginable (according to him), plays football (soccer to you), trains at CrossFit 604 in Vancouver, BC.

Known for: Being a British chap, being the same height as Josh Bridges (-1 inch).

john abreu sales and marketing director

John Abreu

Director of Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Highlights: John comes to Blonyx from a high-performance sport background having worked in the NCAA, the Canadian Sports Institute, BC Rugby and with the Canadian slopestyle snowboard team - although he’s too modest to tell you all that. An accomplished strength and conditioning coach and Blonyx advocate, he has an extraordinary ability to get a case of Blonyx in your hands, then properly lift it.

For fun: Referees (and sometime plays) rugby, attempts to keep up with the pros on his snowboard, drinks a craft beer or two and guest lectures on sport and performance at local universities.

Known for: Uncanny ability to quote The Simpsons, and being our Spanish-speaking liaison officer.

anca selagianu director of operations

Anca Selagianu

Director of Operations

Highlights: Armed with a degree in computer science, and a strong background in operations management, Anca has a remarkable ability to keep ANYTHING organised and running smoothly. Before joining the Blonyx team she was head of IT for the City Hall of Baia Mare in Romania, but knowing Anca, she probably ran the place.

Responsibilities: Anca manages all aspects of operations including manufacturing and warehousing to web programming, wholesale and customer services… and she does this all from her office in Romania.

For fun: Being an awesomely busy mom of two young children and traveling around Europe while working.

Known for: Always being one step ahead of everyone else, keeping everyone in line - you don’t mess with Anca.

mihaela moldovan operations assistant

Mihaela Moldovan

Operations Assistant

Highlights: There is a possibility that Miha is a vampire cyborg… bear with me on this one. She has a background in statistics and a degree in cybernetics (think Skynet) and although she lived her youth in Bucharest she now lives with her husband and child in Northern Transylvania. That being said, she has been known to regularly visit coffee shops, attend jazz festivals and even go camping in the daytime.

For fun: She is a master in Lego building and playing Nexo Knights with her son.

Known for: Being the go to person for holistic nutrition and healing (even though she’s married to a traditional medicine doctor).

tasia percevecz north east sales manager

Tasia Percevecz

North East Sales Manager

Highlights: Tasia is an elite level CrossFit athlete based out of CrossFit Free in Salem, NH where she is known for owning just about every online qualifier... ever. Tasia has a degree in Biology from the University of New Hampshire and a Masters in almost qualifying for the CrossFit Games (she'll be there next year).

For fun: Tasia enjoys escaping into a dreamworld of spells and quidditch (She's a massive Harry Potter fan). That’s of course when she isn’t scaring the crap out of NE CrossFit Regional competitors by posting outrageous PR videos and dominating any local (or not local) competition.

Known for: Always smiling AND making a habit of routinely beating Blonyx Sponsored CrossFit Games Athletes on the competitive circuit.

huw davis uk sales manager

Huw Davis

UK Sales Manager

Highlights: Huw (or Huwge as we call him), is an ex-rugby pro who's career was sadly cut short by a severe back injury. Not being one to be held down, Huw has gone on to carve out a career as an exceptional professional coach. Huw is the owner of The Strength Lab / MMXVII CrossFit in Scotland.

For fun: Huw enjoys wearing kilts and hanging out with his pup and kids in the old Scottish castle he calls home (or so we assume).

Known for: Being the fittest in Scotland in 2017, being the only NASM pregnancy specialist on the team... we have no idea what this means.

corina niculae financial controller

Corina Niculae

Financial Controller

Highlights: With an MBA in financial management from Romanian American University, Corina comes with years of experience managing company finances. She puts this to practice for Blonyx from her home in Abu Dhabi, where she also drives a Lamborghini… or so we think.

For fun: Running... to the wine store, and making wagers with the rest of the Blonyx team.

Known for: Telling the rest of the team off for spending too much money.

alexis selagianu shopify lead developer

Alexis Selagianu

Lead Developer

Highlights: Alexis is known affectionately throughout Blonyx as Chief Engineer Scotty from Star Trek. He works out of Blonyx Romania’s office and keeps the engines (IT infrastructure, web sites, web apps, and coding requirements) running smoothly. Whenever one of the team request the impossible it seems that Alexis can make it happen. A true miracle worker.

For fun: When not reading stories to his two daughters, Alexis can be found building a new app that has the potential to revolutionize society as we know it... for fun. He also runs a company called InterCoder ... or perhaps it's Skynet?

Known for: Having a Greek name but not being Greek… even when we try and speak Greek to him. Weird.

anna romanovna senior visual designer

Anna Romanovna

Senior Visual Designer

Highlights: Anna is possibly the most internationally seasoned of the Blonyx team - which as you can see is quite the achievement. Hailing from Urgench in Uzbekistan she lives in Barcelona where she constructs mind-blowing design after design from her studio. Anna is the pencil behind the look of Blonyx - from the web site you visit to the Blonyx shirt on your back.

For fun: Anna spends most of the time boasting to the rest of the team about her time spent on the beaches in Barcelona. She also dabbles in illustration and painting in her spare time. Check out her stuff here.

Known for: Being able to speak better Russian and English than Spanish, yet she lives in Spain.