We love to sponsor competitions. It's a great way to build brand awareness while sponsoring our affiliates, wholesalers and athlete community. If you have a competition at your box or know of one you think we may be interested in, get in touch!

One thing to note is that we are rarely interested in running booths at events. Instead we like to sponsor by providing things like:

  • Gift certificates to all competitors
  • Gift certificates for all podium athletes
  • Supplement and apparel for top placed athletes
  • Large wall banners
  • A Blonyx athlete who will compete at the event
  • A Blonyx representative in attendance at and to help with the event

For boxes that already sell our products we focus on helping build sales at the location through creative and customized co-marketing strategies.

For more information or to let us know about an event you would like sponsored, use the form below to contact us: