Looking for some tips and tricks on how to increase revenue or stoke the fire a little if your Blonyx stock needs a boost? Below you will find some tips, examples, and resources to help you out.
1. Wear your Blonyx Swag (or Pass it on to Coaches)

Members see you wearing Blonyx apparel will consider it a positive endorsement and subtle reminder to your members. We provide you with high-quality apparel for this exact reason. Wear it with pride and get the conversation going.

2. Get Creative with Bundles and Promotions

Take advantage of the wholesaler discounted rates on Blonyx apparel/accessories. Offer a free shirt or shaker with every 2 supplements? How about a free headband? Brainstorm ideas with your Blonyx sales rep.

3. Use THIS page

We've put together a page full of video, downloads, templates, images and social media posts for you to use to promote Blonyx products. Copy, paste, post or repost any of these resources at will. Here are some of our top resources:

4. Keep the Conversation Going

Regularly remind your members about Blonyx, its benefits and how to learn. Need a little inspiration, check out these top posts.

More Resources:

5. Make Use of Your Blonyx Sales Rep

Our sales managers are gym owners and coaches, just like you. They understand your needs as a gym owner and are there to help you educate and promote in order to get Blonyx products into the right hands at your gym. Give them a should when you need them. Don't let product sit on your shelves.