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Blonyx Beta Alanine

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Beta Alanine is a clean and simple supplement that will increase muscular endurance during short to mid-range and high intensity training.

Blonyx Beta Alanine



β-Alanine (Beta-Alanine) - 6000mg

Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid and modified version of the amino acid Alanine. Beta-Alanine is the rate-limiting precursor of Carnosine, a natural muscle acid buffer found in the body. Because of this, the amount of Carnosine in the muscle is limited by the amount of Beta-Alanine available.

How to use Blonyx Beta Alanine

To benefit from taking Beta-Alanine you require 6g per day. To achieve this, take one level scoop twice a day (one AM, and one PM) ideally with food. Do not exceed the recommended serving.

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Learn what Beta Alanine is, what it contains, and how it can help you achieve your athletic ambition.

A Clean Product

Blonyx beta alanine contains 6g/day of beta alanine. It doesn’t contain additives, fillers or anything else you don’t need.

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Increases your time to exhaustion

Beta alanine is shown to stave off exhaustion with high intensity activity. It works by buffering the build up of acid in the muscles.

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Ridiculously well researched

We don’t settle for lab or animal studies. Beta alanine has been extensively tested on training adults in published research studies. Lots of them!

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Performance Improvements

BETA-Alanine enhances rowing performance at shorter distances (500-2000m) (2)

BETA-Alanine improves cycling capacity and sprint performance (3, 4, 5)

Taking BETA-Alanine extends time to exhaustion when training at high intensity for short bouts (up to 5 mins) (6, 7)

BETA-Alanine can increase power output when doing high intensity interval training like Airdyne sprints (7)

When doing strength based training, BETA-Alanine increases the volume of training (number of reps), an athlete is capable of achieving (8)

BETA-Alanine may also be an antioxidant and have other health benefits (9)

Who is Beta Alanine For?



Mountain bikers

Athletes who do sprint interval training

Shorter distance athletes (sprint cyclists, runners and rowers)

Sports athletes who do a lot of sprint bursts

Soccer, hockey, basketball and football players

How Much Beta Alanine Do You Need?

Beta alanine is used in the body to make carnosine, a natural lactic acid buffer

We get about 1g/d beta alanine from eating foods like meat and fish

Research shows that you need an additional 6g/d beta alanine to improve performance

How Does Beta Anaine Work?

Beta alanine becomes carnosine

Beta alanine works with many types of training. Lactic acid buffering by taking beta alanine has been shown to increase the time to exhaustion in athletes doing rowingrunning and cycling.

When does Beta Alanine work best?

It has been found to be much more effective in training bouts that last between 1-4 mins at high intensity, and seems to work better in older athletes. It may also sharpen the mind a little.

One Side Effect

Beta alanine can stimulate nerve endings in the skin at certain dosages. This leads to a tingling sensation called paraesthesia. While not too troublesome it can startle people who first take it.

Physiological function

High intensity training causes a build-up of lactic acid in the muscle and blood. This is thought to result that burning sensation in the muscle you experience when training as well as, a loss of power and eventually fatigue. In muscle cells, beta alanine is combined with the amino acid histidine to create carnosine. Carnosine buffers lactic acid build-up slowing the onset of fatigue.

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Our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We are also registered with Health Canada

The facilities we use to manufacture are NSF for sport certified

Our products are free from banned substances

Research References

1. Trexler et al. (2015):The official position paper of the International Society of Sports Nutrition on BETA-Alanine. BETA-Alanine is one of the few supplements considered to be both safe and effective by the societyRead the research

2. Baguet et al. (2010):7 weeks of BETA-Alanine supplementation improved 2,000m row time in trained rowersRead the research

3. Hill et al. (2007):13 males improved their total work done on a cycling capacity test after 4-10 weeks of BETA-Alanine supplementation, vs. a placebo.Read the research

4. Sale et al. (2011):BETA-Alanine supplementation increased cycling capacity vs. placebo in 20 men.Read the research

5. Danaher et al. (2014):BETA-Alanine increased cycling work capacity after 6 weeks of supplementation.Read the research

6. Ghiasvand et al. (2012):BETA-Alanine increased time to exhaustion in endurance athletes doing an incremental cycling test.Read the research

7. Stout et al. (2006):BETA-Alanine prolonged time to exhaustion after 28 days of supplementation.Read the research

8. Hoffman et al (2008):Bench press training volume was increased in soldiers who took BETA-Alanine for a three week period.Read the research

9. Hipkiss et al. (2013):BETA-Alanine and carnosine have a number of potential health benefits in humans.Read the research

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Nile Reinartz

Blonyx Beta Alanine

Kamil Poplawski
Excellent product

Creatine 100%

Michael Traynor
Great product

Currently using this along with Creatine + HMB for the last 18 months, also not forgetting the brilliant egg white protein.
Im 35 male.
After a health scare a few year back, I changed my lifestyle totally when it comes to dietary/nutrition and exercise. I did my home work on different products and was attracted to Blonyx due to the simple pure products they produce. It’s not easy but with dedication along the way & help from Blonyx products, certainly helped me achieve my goals, made me more confident physically & mentally stronger.

Regarding the protein powder. Would never chose chocolate as a flavour, probably because I have had some not very nice products prior to Blonyx. Well I got to say it took me a about 10 days to get use to this.. now I love it.!! It gives me no repeating taste after taking. Certainly no gas/wind after unlike some protein products, probably because Blonyx have kept it simple and pure with only 7 ingredients.
Honestly any one reading this will think I work for them but I don’t. This is the first review I’ve ever done for any product or company.
Paying for quality products which I admit ain’t cheap, but knowing what is going into my body gives me peace of mind.

Christina Burnham

Blonyx Beta Alanine

Wanda Bradbury
The Blonyx Beta Alanine difference

I am just finishing my first month of Blonyx Beta Alanine and HMB+ Creatine and I am impressed that I have been able to hit a new elevated level of fitness.
As an older athlete, these products are greatly assisting with my ability to push harder and achieve better stats during the challenges faced at CrossFit classes. I am looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself, while using these Blonyx products.